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We design and develop the website you need. Whether you know the technological magic words or not, we speak your language and we’ll advise you and execute the best solution for your company. We develop all kinds of web projects.

HTML 5 is the present

Now we can’t say that HTML 5 is just the future, HTML5 is a present that is already with us, and it is here to stay. The best thing is that HTML 5 hasn’t come alone, it has been accompanied by css3, LocalStorage, Geolocation, canvas API's ... and to show us all his power it uses a superhero logo. We have all the tools to create the web we want; now the limit will be on our own creativity.
responsive design

Responsive Design

Perhaps you've heard something about Responsive Design, if not, let us to explain you briefly what it is. The responsive design (or adaptive design) is a result which gives us the use of HTML5 and CSS3 that allows a web site to suit the different devices that today exist in the market: smartphones, tablets, notebooks ... Check it! It's easy, just access this website from any of these media. You will see that there are slight variations to suit each size The key is that there isn’t different programmings, it is a single website that fits from a 28'' monitor to a Smartphone, that’s magic, isn’t it? In this adaptation process, the images are processed to display optimally on devices with high definition screen, which is what is known nowadays as Retina Design.


We have been more than ten years immersed in the world e-learning, putting technology at the service of formation. More than a hundred training projects destined to thousands of students. In our e-learning projects we cover from the technological side using every devices, to teaching. We work with expert pedagogues in the fitting of learning content to digital media.
From nutrition to management skills training courses. From major pharmaceutical companies to public companies. Our experience gives us a broad view of e-learning scenario that enable us to find the best training solutions for your business.

Priority: Effective Training

Our courses use the technology to optimize student learning. Keeping in mind the learning objetives, our team of expert educators in training through digital media work on the content to suit the most appropriate media for each formation.

tech support

soporte tecnológico
Besides developing entirely web & e-learning projects, we support companies in developing their multimedia projects, carrying out different tasks such us: production, design, programming SCORM, WordPress maintenance or any other that is required.
Proyecto GUIO

Successful case: Intermon Oxfam

We love to talk about this project! Why? There are many reasons causes, the first is that Intermon is an organization we like to work with, because we appreciate what they do, because we agree with their values and goals, and because we know the implication that their members put on the developed projects. Another reason is because we are proud of the results, and we think this project has helped in the difficult task to coordinate the dissemination of internal information between the members of the NGO.

The project

In 2010 we collaborated with Intermón in installation, adaptation and production of the collaborative platform Wikispaces. In this way GUIO was born and we also developed its corporate image.


Oscar Cuenda
Oscar Cuenda has a degree in Advertising and Public Relations and an expert in the application of new technologies in training area. He has spent the major part of his professional career in companies located the Technological Park of Andalusia.

In the beginning of his career, in the Department of Art and Communication of a technology consulting, he acquired competence in the development and final art in web environments. At this stage he learned the importance of accessibility and usability in multimedia environments.
Later, he joined the Department of generating e-learning contents, becoming an important part in its development in the following years and eventually managing the group.

He worked then on projects for public institutions (Instituto de Fomento de Andalucia, Consejería de Innovación Ciencia y Empresa, Consejeria de Empleo de Andalucia, Escuela de Administración Publica de Cataluña, FECYT, Foment del Treball, UGT, ...) and major private companies (Telefonica, Correos, Boehringer Ingelheim, Indra, Unicaja, Price Waterhouse Coopers, Banca Sabadell...).
"Oscar has shown a great professionalism in the development of this project. He is a diligent person in request and capable of facing new challenges.
We are still very interested in reliying on his knowledge. " Intermon Oxfam in Infolancer.net

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Currently, Oscar is freelancer in Barcelona, developing web projects, e-learning and providing technical support to organizations in the use of new media. Major organizations like GROW Communication agency or international NGO Intermon Oxfam have trusted on his services.


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